▼5Mbps ▲0.5Mbps

Free Installation*

Unlimited Usage

Ideal for basic browsing and email access.


▼15Mbps ▲1.5Mbps

Free Installation*

Unlimited Usage

Ideal for faster browsing and some video streaming.


▼25Mbps ▲3Mbps

Free Installation*

Unlimited Usage

Ideal for simultaneous streaming, gaming, or work-from-home.


▼30Mbps ▲3Mbps

Free Installation*

Unlimited Usage

Ideal for 4K/UHD streaming, gaming, and work-from-home. Recommended for families and small businesses.


▼40Mbps ▲4Mbps

Free Installation*

Unlimited Usage

Ideal for simultaneous 4K/UHD streaming, gaming, and work-from-home. Recommended for larger families and small businesses.

Business Premium

▼60Mbps ▲6Mbps

Free Installation*

Unlimited Usage

For the most demanding bandwidth needs. Ideal for larger families and medium-size businesses. Good for bandwidth-intensive equipment like security cameras.

More info about our service

Contracts and Installation Fees

Service installation is free with a standard 3-year agreement. A no-contract option is also available with an installation fee.

Hard-to-Reach Locations

As a small-town company we pride ourselves in servicing our rural neighbors, although servicing some locations may require additional equipment such as a utility pole or wireless repeater. In these special circumstances an additional charge for labor and equipment may be necessary.

The customer will always be notified and given the option to proceed in these instances..

Outbuildings and Additional Lines of Service

We offer connection services for outbuildings (typically on a single property) attached to an existing line-of-service for an upfront labor and equipment fee. Installations are handled on a case-by-case basis, so please contact us for an estimate.

Additionally, a discount is available for multiple lines-of-service.